Piexon "JPX6 Jet Protector" Less-Lethal Weapon System

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Piexon JPX6 Jet Protector Less-Lethal Weapon (4)

Piexon is a Swiss company specialized in manufacturing liquid irritant launching devices. Particularly, they make less-lethal multi-barrel pistols/derringers. One of their latest products is called JPX6 Jet Protector. It has the same 4 round capacity as the previously introduced JPX4, but unlike the older model, JPX6 has a quick change magazine feature.

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To launch the irritant JPX6 uses cartridges which contain both the propellant charge and the liquid irritant. The use of cartridges allows the Piexon launchers to have higher jet velocities and longer effective ranges than the conventional pepper sprays. The jet velocity of JPX6 is 80 m/s (262 fps) at 1.5-meter distance from the muzzle. This weapon can be effectively used to up to 7-meter distance with the 1.5 meter being the minimum safe distance for the shooter. The company also points out that unlike the pepper sprays, the jet of the irritant shot from JPX6 is less prone to get deflected by wind or affected by rain.

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The cartridge designation is 14x109mm. There is a self-cleaning mechanism built into the cartridge design that cleans the nozzle of the cartridge from irritant residues.

The drawing of the 14x109mm cartridge

These cartridges contain 10ml of a liquid agent called Piexol 400kS. Here is how it is described on the company’s website:

Piexol is a cayenne pepper extract and the most potent pepper-based irritant on the market. The irritant effect generated by the extract is caused by the capsinoids contained in cayenne. The liquid extract acts as an irritant to eyes, mucus membranes (nose and mouth) and the respiratory system. The effect: temporary blindness, coughing and nausea. These symptoms start resolving within approx. 45 minutes, and generally without any lasting effects.

Set of 4 cartridges
The magazine loaded with 4 cartridges

Each JPX6 magazine comes with a set of mechanical sights in addition to the laser sight built into the frame. There is also a small Picatinny rail section under the laser sight. JPX6 Jet Protector weighs 540 grams (19 oz). It has the following dimensions: length – 194mm (7.6″), height – 127mm (5″), width – 37mm (1.45″).

Piexon markets this weapon both for civilian and law enforcement markets. To learn more about the JPX6 Jet Protector, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Images from www.piexon.com

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