[IWA 2018] Mateba Still Making 6 Unica!!

    One thing I was not expecting to see at IWA was Mateba let alone the 6 Unica. The 6 Unica is one of my grail guns and I was pleasantly surprised to see it at IWA. These somewhat unicorn guns were made from 1997 – 2005. When one goes up for sale they typically start at $4,000 USD. But these are newly produced versions ready for import for €2,000.

    The 6 Unica was designed by Emilio Ghisoni who later on designed the Rhino for Chiappa. Since the 6 Unica is so hard to find in the US, I got the Chiappa Rhino 60Ds and it is my favorite revolver that I own.

    Unfortunately, it seems Mateba is only making the 6 Unica in .44 Rem Mag at the moment. I would prefer a .357 so I could shoot .38 Spl loads. It is what I prefer to shoot in my Chiappa Rhino.

    close up of a stainless 6 Unica autorevolver

    The 6 Unica is a semi-automatic revolver. The upper assembly slides back under recoil to cock the hammer and advance the cylinder.

    Mateba also had these smaller revolvers. These are chambered in .357 magnum.

    According to Mateba’s website, these snub nose revolvers are more expensive than the 6 Unica at €2,350.

    At the Mateba booth, they also showed off some AR-15 and a pistol caliber AR that they make.

    The 9mm AR looks to use Glock pattern mag. I am surprised to see them entering the AR-15 market but I suppose selling unique revolvers for over $2k dollars can only get you so far.The AR-15s are on their website and listed for around €1,300. They offer them in 5.56/.223 and .300AAC.

    For those interested Mateba lists their Unica rifle Grifone for €3,000.

    I am curious to know if they plan to expand on the 6 Unica and other revolvers. Unfortunately, I was unable to communicate with the Mateba reps as there was a slight language barrier.

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