[IWA 2018] European Suppressors Overview

    Walking through the rooms of IWA, I was surprised by the number of European suppressors on display. Many of them seem to target the hunter more so than the tactical or recreational shooter. There are some really wild European suppressor designs and some that look similar to what we have here in the US.

    Stalon Suppressors

    Stalon is one of the manufacturers of European suppressors that are made in Sweden. These seem to have an aesthetic to match Leupold scopes and their iconic gold ring.

    I saw this on a couple of other suppressor companies’ booths and it is something I have not seen in the US suppressor market. It is a front sight integrated into a suppressor. It is a ring that is installed in between the suppressor body and endcap.


    They have various open sights for their line of suppressors. –

    AimSport Suppressors

    Check out the price list for AimSport’s suppressors. Very reasonable.¬† Something you will notice on the Stalon cans above and the price list below is information of how much length is added to the barrel of the gun. I don’t typically see this measurement listed on US suppressor manufacturer websites.

    Just like Stalon, AimSport has an open sight for use with some of their suppressors. It screws onto the back of the suppressor. Yes, you can adjust its position to time the sight with your barrel.

    ANSCH√úTZ Suppressors

    Anschutz, the makers of Olympic competition Biathlon rifles, also makes suppressors. They have a very interesting baffle design that looks like an ice auger drill bit.

    A-TEC silencers

    The silencers at A-Tec look like traditional cylindrical cans save for this eccentric can. The A12 is a 12 gauge shotgun suppressor. Unfortunately, this one was a dummy and so there were no baffles inside it. The can is eccentric like the SilencerCO Salvo12. However, the A12 is not modular like the Salvo 12.

    European suppressors shotgun can

    Looking at a video online it seems the A12 uses similar guide rods to keep the wad closed as it travels through the suppressor. Their website says they get an average of 19 dB reduction.

    ASE Ultra

    ASE Ultra is one of the few suppressor companies making suppressors for tactical applications. Just like the US, they have QD muzzle devices as well as direct thread silencers.

    The can above attaches to this flash hider you see below.

    The suppressor above is a tri-lug silencer for MP5s. However, it does not attach how I expect it to. Typically a tri-lug mount on a suppressor is held on with spring tension thereby making them quick to attach and detach ASE Ultra took the tri-lug mount and made it threaded. It seems counterproductive and eliminates the benefit of having tri-lug to begin with.

    Roedale Sound Moderators

    On the surface, Roedale moderators do not seem like anything special. But take a look at their cutaway models.

    This can appears to have some type of packing material. It looks like silver-colored nylon braided rope.

    This is a very strange looking baffle design realized through 3D printing.

    It was very interesting seeing how prevalent European suppressors are at IWA. I am glad I got a chance to see them and share what I saw with you.

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