[IWA 2018] Tavor Styled Shotgun And Other Turkish Shotguns

    Among a large number of airguns and airsoft, the third largest group of products at IWA are shotguns. Sure there are the boutique high-end shotguns but just as many if not more prevalent are tactical style shotguns made in Turkey. Remember the Akdal MKA1919? It is an M16 style semi-automatic 12 ga shotgun. Husan is expanding on the MKA line of shotguns and is making a Tavor styled shotgun.

    A Tavor Shotgun Made In Turkey?

    The middle charging handle and cutlass style grip is very reminiscent of the Tavor SAR.

    IWI is making their own shotgun. We saw the Tavor 12 at SHOT Show last January. While the Tavor 12 is a bullpup shotgun it uses rotating tubes rather than a box magazine. This Husan bullpup is more like a Tavor than the Tavor 12.

    Speaking of rotating tubes, Dickinson Hector is a semi-auto shotgun similar to the SRM 1216 but in a more aesthetically pleasing package. It has a cylinder of four tubes that hold 4 round each giving the Hector a 16+1 capacity.  Yes, they make a mag fed bullpup as well.

    At the Dickinson booth and other shotgun booths, I noticed suspicious looking furniture on their pump-action shotguns. The handguards and stock resemble the Magpul SGA handguards and stocks. But these are not by Magpul.

    Khan Arms makes the firearm above and they also have spring assisted shotguns. This mag fed firearm has a spring around the mag tube. This helps chamber a round and to push the handguard back forward.

    This is a pump action shotgun with spring assist pump.

    It seems what is popular in AR-15s are carried over to the AR style shotguns. This Turkish shotgun has a skull machined into the mag well, somewhat like the Sharps Bros. AR lowers.

    Don’t worry the AR style shotguns are not the only tactical shotguns, here are some AK style shotguns from Turkey.

    I am not sure why the Mossberg shockwave style shotgun is so common at IWA. Perhaps European countries might have similar regulations on shotguns that necessitate workarounds. Although I believe it is actually copying what is popular and trendy in the American gun industry.

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