[IWA 2018] Canik TP9 Stock

    The Canik TP9 has been a successful pistol. The first run of them was abysmal but the TP9DA, SA, SFX, and Elite are some of the best well-rounded striker-fired pistols to come to the market under $400.  Canik is making a quick detach TP9 stock to convert the Canik into a stabilized rifle.

    close up detail of canik TP9 stock

    As you can see in the photos above, the TP9 stock is a big piece of polymer and it snaps onto the grip of any TP9 pistol. No tools necessary and you can remove it just as easy as putting it on.

    I attached the TP9 stock to their Elite TP9

    The bottom of the stock has a Picatinny rail. I believe this is partially due to laws in Europe. It may be illegal to attach a light to a gun. I heard something about being able to attach a light to the bottom of a magazine so this might be part of that loophole.

    While attaching lights is not an issue for us, attaching a stock is unless you have the tax stamp to convert the Canik into an SBR. But before you start filing those Form 1s, take a closer look at this setup. I found the butt pad of the stock to be too small and narrow. But the biggest issue is the lack of a cheek rest. I have to chin weld this setup.

    Nicholas C

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