Ranger Point Precision Adds Steyr Arms Custom Parts

    Ranger Point Precision

    Usually, when we discuss our friends at Ranger Point Precision the conversation is about some hot new lever gun they are working up. For example, a modified Marlin 336 rechambered in their .36 RPP wildcat cartridge. But today, Ranger Point Precision brings us some modern upgrades for the Steyr Arms A-1 pistols. RPP is now making threaded barrels, compensators and caliber conversion packages.

    If you are a fan of Steyr pistols, head on over to Ranger Point Precision’s website to take a look.

    Ranger Point Precision

    Credit: Ranger Point Precision

    Ranger Point Precision

    Credit: Ranger Point Precision

    Steyr Arms At Ranger Point Precision:

    HOUSTON (PRWEB) MARCH 07, 2018

    Ranger Point Precision, the leading innovator and producer of custom-built, match-grade rifles and performance parts for rifles and pistols, today announced its expanded line of performance parts for Steyr Arms Inc. A-1 pistols including .357 Sig pistol barrels, a drop-in part to convert 40 S&W pistols. Both standard and threaded options are available along with thread protectors and mini-comps for .357 Sig / 9mm calibers.

    “We start with premium Douglas barrel blanks with precise rifling, then use minimum spec chamber reamers, and the most advanced methods for heat treating and salt bath black nitride to produce the best Steyr pistol barrel available on the market,” said Adam Devine, CEO, Co-Founder, and Head of R&D, Ranger Point Precision.

    Steyr .357 pistol barrel features include:

    • Barrels chambered in .357 Sig from premium Douglas barrel blanks in 4140 Chromoly steel with 6 groove rifling and a 1:16 twist with tolerances held to +/- .001″ in critical areas and engineered to be a drop-in fit;
    • Barrels are vacuum heat treated to 42 HRC and Salt Bath Black Nitride coated, giving them a surface hardness above 80 HRC
    • Standard and extended lengths for the Steyr A1 C40, S40, M40 and L40 pistol models;
    • Threaded barrel options are 1/2×28 RH with a “dimple” to hold a mini-compensator or suppressor in place; and
    • RPP extra power extractor spring provided for improved ejection.
    • Thread Protectors in 1/2×28 RH or 13.5x1LH made from 6061 aluminum and anodized in black or blue; and
    • Mini-Comp’s available in 1/2×28 RH or 13.5×1 LH (fits .357 SIG / 9mm or 40 S&W) made from strong as steel 7075 aluminum and anodized in black and blue.

    These Steyr Arms Inc. A-1 pistol products expand our current line of parts: reduced power magazine spring, steel guide rods and brass weights for reduced recoil and muzzle rise, 18 rd extended magazine for 40 S&W and .357 Sig ammo, custom-made DoubleClick Kydex holsters for all Steyr A1 pistol models. Details and pricing can be found at http://www.rangerpointstore.com/steyr-a1-pistol-parts.html


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