S&T Kinetics Updates Bullpup Line with BR18 Rifle

    At this year’s Singapore Air Show, S&T Kinetics showed off their latest bullpup rifle, the 5.56x45mm NATO BR18. The BR18 is the latest version of what began as the BMCR, or Bullpup Multirole Combat Rifle which initially debuted at the 2014 Singapore Air Show. The biggest difference with this iteration of the design is that it is finally ready for production, following trials held in 2017. Currently it appears the company is going to try for a Singaporean adoption, most likely by the Armed Forces. However, a company representative also mentioned that there could be potential for an international sale.

    Below is a video produced by Army Recognition, following screenshots are taken from the video.

    Apart from a redesign of the stock, the BR18 most significantly differs from the earlier BMCR with the relocation of the charging handle to a traditional forward position, with dual charging handles on either side of the action for either left or right-handed shooters. However, this also lends the rifle to be used in strong side to support side transitions for either handed shooters.

    In the earlier BMCR the non-reciprocating charging handle essentially was the cheek piece of the rifle, not unlike the HABU Falcon 37 that was invented as an aftermarket part for the U.S. commercial market. In this new version’s place is a carbon fiber cheek rest that is designed to protect a shooter from a catastrophic malfunction taking place in the chamber or on the bolt face during the course of operation. This has always been a concern in bullpup designs since their inception but don’t think we have very many examples of shooters actually being injured from such a malfunction.

    Image Source- Wikipedia

    The new carbon fiber cheek rest.

    This appears to be the gas tube placed on the left side of the frame. From the notches in the tube it appears that it can be adjusted for adverse or suppressor conditions.

    Note the forward ejection tube on the right side of the rifle. Also notice that the forward sling swivel appears to be centered on the frame, allowing it to be slung from either side.

    Singapore Airshow 2018: St Kinetics Launches Br18 5.56 Mm Assault Rifle

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