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    Blaser Custom Shop makes incredible custom versions of Blaser rifles. Besides custom engraving and use of high-grade wood, they also extensively use leather and other materials and technologies that you don’t normally see in custom hunting rifles. Let’s take a brief look at some of their creations.

    Perhaps one of the most interesting rifles made in Blaser Custom Shop is the one depicted in the top image of this article. The stock of this rifle is completely covered with leather. Having experience in leathercraft industry, I can assure you that this is something that can be accomplished only by a really high-skilled master. Pay attention how clean are the edges, stitches, sharp-angled folds and complex curves.

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    Open the images in a separate tab of your browser to view their larger versions.

    There is also a short video published on the company’s Facebook page showing one of the Blaser masters working on this stock. Click here to watch that video. And below are a couple of other images of a leather covered stock with different leather types and colors used.

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    Another interesting rifle is made with the ocean theme. It is called R8 Success Neptune. The ocean blue color stock is combined with stingray leather inlaid in forearm, grip and cheek rest areas. They also used mammoth ivory for making the forend tip and the bolt handle knob.

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    Next rifle has a photorealistic engraving of the customer’s house.

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    The following four rifles are laser engraved. This engraving technology allows them to literally engrave any pattern in the same fashion as those shown below. Note that the barrels are also engraved.

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    Another interesting technology is the Blaser RAFFIR. It combines the wood with resin which results in the unbelievable patterns shown in the image below.

    For more images of Blaser Custom Shop rifles, visit the company’s website and social media pages.

    Images from: www.blaser.de, www.instagram.com/blaser_custom

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