First Look: Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP with Viridian’s 1st EVER Grip Laser

    Grip Laser

    Springfield Armory announced on January 1st this year the inception of the 911 .380 ACP pistol. This defining introduction was Springfield Armory’s 1st offering of a .380 ACP chambered firearm. At that time, it was stated that 4 configurations would be available for consumers to purchase: a black frame/black slide, black frame/stainless slide or either choice with a Viridian Grip Laser for a total of four options.

    The intriguing part was no photos were available to see the factory, laser-configured packages. What added to that intrigue even more was Viridian had never produced a Grip Laser… until now!

    At SHOT Show 2018 (unbeknownst to this writer) Springfield Armory did bring along a 911 .380 ACP with a Viridian Grip Laser installed. It could be seen at their booth on the showroom floor.

    The factory, laser-configured packages will be shipping from Springfield Armory with green Viridian Grip Lasers.

    Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen, spoke about the production of this entirely new product category for Viridian Weapon Technologies as well as pairing up with Springfield Armory:

    New Viridian lasers were visible across the show floor, including the Springfield Armory booth where attendees had the opportunity to see and handle our grip laser on the new Springfield 911 pistol. Not only is it an exciting technology for customers, but it’s the first-ever grip laser coming out of Viridian.

    While all of the factory, laser-configured packages will have green lasers installed, Viridian will be producing a red grip laser for consumers to buy separately as well. This variation has been spotted¬†out in the wild as a result of the “EDC Giveaway” Springfield Armory is currently running. Right now, just a small thumbnail picture is available to see.

    Grip Laser

    Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP w/ Red Viridian Grip Laser currently being given away through Springfield’s “EDC Giveaway” promotion

    A factory, laser-configured package is not being given away, but the red Viridian grip laser for a Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP is.

    If you want to have the opportunity to win a lot of Springfield Armory swag and your own 911 .380 ACP, feel free to hit up their website:

    The promotion is running from the time of this writing to February 28th at 11:59PM.

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