Sprinco Creates Walther and CZ After-Market Springs

    Occasionally, companies throw industry standards out the window to create something truly unique and spectacular. Enter Alan Dugger, owner of Sprinco.

    The Last Buffer Spring You’ll Ever Need

    Made from Chrome Silicon, the Sprinco AR-15 and AR-10 buffer springs are the same material used in Formula One and NASCAR vehicles. Springs in those types of racing vehicles can see up to 15 million cycles in one race alone. Using the same material and technology in their AR-15 and AR-10 buffer springs means you can purchase a Sprinco buffer spring to last you a lifetime.

    Add the cryogenic option, and you’ll literally break every other part on the firearm before you have to replace the buffer spring. They’ve tested literally over 2 MILLION cycles on the buffer spring at their facility and it still pulls the exact same specs as it did the first 10 cycles.

    The new Configurable Buffer Kit creates a truly custom recoil system at a very affordable price. Competition, plinking, suppression, hunting – the applications are endless.

    Sprinco's AR-15 and AR-10 buffer springs, created to be the last you'll ever need, according to the company's owner.

    Sprinco’s AR-15 and AR-10 buffer springs, created to be the last you’ll ever need, according to the company’s owner.

    The various weights and tensions on Sprinco’s buffer springs are denoted by the colors on the bottom of the spring. The colors are green, yellow, white, blue, red, or orange.

    The new buffer spacers actually absorb the energy created instead of deflecting it. This reduces bolt bounce each time the bolt cycles, giving it a “dead blow hammer effect”.

    There’s so much more to Sprinco than AR-15 parts and accessories.

    For Competition or Casual Handgun Shooting

    Sprinco unveiled a recoil guide rod for the semi-auto Canik. The 3.5 pound trigger spring for a Walther PPQ are only $17.95. In fact, many of the guys on Team Walther use Sprinco springs in their handguns.

    There are also springs for the Beretta 92, 1911s, S&W 4516s, and a LOT more.

    Stainless steel recoil guide rods and tunable springs can be utilized by either the competitive shooter or the average plinker!

    The shooter can keep the same point of aim, point of impact in a 9mm handgun, alternating between 115gr to 147gr and back again. The ability to tune the handgun to a higher load, while keeping the same muzzle flip when shooting a lower load means that recoil can be controlled while making the handgun tunable to the individual shooter.

    All Sprinco springs are made from the same Chrome Silicon, so you’ll never have to replace them.

    *Correction – the Walther PPQ springs are 3.5 pounds, not 5.

    Sprinco offers a wide variety of recoil springs and buffers.

    Sprinco offers a wide variety of recoil springs and buffers.

    Rachel Y

    Rachel Young is a 4x Best Selling Author. She and her husband John co-own an FFL/SOT showroom and machine shop in Tennessee, specializing in ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories.