US Army Looks to Private Sector to Overhaul M107s

    M107 at the range

    Bravo Company, 110th Chemical Battalion at the range with M107s (Sgt. Ashley Cohen/US Army)

    The US Army Contracting Command is in search of private sector contractors to repair its M107 Long Range Sniper Rifles. A revised sources sought notice was posted earlier this month.

    The sources sought notice was originally posted over a year ago on 8th February 2017 but was reposted at the end of January 2018. The notice stressed that it “is for informational planning purposes only and does not constitute a “Request for Proposal or Invitation for Bid”” and that “nor is it to be construed as a commitment by the USG.” The notice is essentially a survey of the private sector to find suitable contractors capable of refitting the Army’s damaged M107s.

    The Army Contracting Command is looking for industry contractors capable of overhauling up to 450 M107 Long Range Sniper Rifles. Taking the weapons “condition code “F” to condition code “A” over a five year period.” Condition F being defined as unserviceable but repairable with Condition A being serviceable and issuable without qualification’.

    M107 at the range, 2014

    Range familiarisation with the M107 LRSP, 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, in 2014 (Sgt. William Howard/US Army)

    As the M107’s Technical Data Package was developed and is owned by Barrett the Army Contracting Command is looking to use the information from the survey to “determine if any additional contractors have gained access to the TDP and could become qualified vendors.”

    This means all contractors that submit to the survey must have access to Barrett’s technical package for the M107. The survey includes other questions about prior experience ‘manufacturing, delivering and overhauling the M107’, what the vendor’s monthly production capacity is and if the company has ever been a prime contractor to work on the M107 before.

    The reposted call for industry vendors was only open for a short time and ended on 2nd February 2018, perhaps indicating a new vendor had expressed interest, it can be viewed over on FedBizOps here.

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