Rent-A-Reticle: Optic Rental Business

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Jarod of Parker Mountain Machine makes accessories for a various firearms. He has focused on the SCAR platform and branched out to CZ scorpions. Now he offers a variety of slide cuts and RMR cuts for various pistols. Well now he has started a new venture called Rent-A-Reticle that rents out optics. If you like what you rented, then your rental fee can be applied towards buying a new optic

How Does Rent-A-Reticle Work?

  1. Find the optic or optics you would like to try out and add them to you cart under the appropriate amount of time you would like to rent them for.
  2. READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RENTAL AGREEMENT!!! prior to completing the checkout process, you will be asked to agree to the the rental agreement (its easy and straight forward). It will also be mailed to you with your rental so you don’t have to worry about printing it.
  3. Once you have checked out, your optic will be shipped (allow up to 4 business days time to receive your items). Your rental time starts when you receive your items.
  4. You try out your optic or optics during your rental period, and if you have any questions or issues, we are available to help!
  5. You then ship the rentals back in the box provided with the return label that is in the box on the day your rental period ends.
  6. If you liked the optic and you would like to purchase it, we will apply the cost of the rental (minus shipping) towards the optic of your choice within 30 day of the end of your rental!
That’s it! Rent a reticle is a great try it before you buy it program or if you just need an extra optic for a class. If there is an optic you are looking for that we don’t carry, contact us and we can possibly get it. If you need a longer period of rental, we are able to cater to your needs as well.
I think this is a fantastic idea. It seems to work well in the camera world. Just look at They rent out much more expensive optics and camera equipment than what Rent-A-Reticle is offering.
Having taken a look at the rental agreement, it seems rather straight forward. Although I did not see what happens if the package is lost during shipping.

What Can You Rent?

Right now Rent-A-Reticle has a promotion with Trijicon. If you rent any Trijicon optic before March 30th, you are entered in a drawing for an RMR06.

Under Trijicon they are offering the MRO, RMR, ACOG and Accupower 4-16 x 50mm

They are also offering up pistol slides with RMRs already mounted. Just install your barrel and recoil spring and you are good to go. Im surprised they don’t have a Glock 17 slide up for rent.

They are also renting out some Aimpoints and an Eotech.

For more information check out their rental agreement. Or go to their website and check out what they have to rent. They plan to rent out Night Vision, a PVS-14 with white phosphor tube. At the moment it is pending as coming soon. Jarod is waiting to see if the optic rental takes off. I would like to see some more scopes offered. Right now there are only two scopes. The ACOG and Accupower. Everything else is a red dot. I think offering up some high end scopes for rental would be great. So people can see why an Elcan Spectre or Shmidt and Bender is so great without having to find someone who has one and let them shoot a couple rounds with it.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Disqus_VNhNhKJeMH Disqus_VNhNhKJeMH on Feb 21, 2018

    The problem is if you buy an optic right (finding the lowest retail price, with the exception of some MAP mfgs), as long as you keep it in like new shape, you can use it for a long as you want and resell it for a little less than you paid, the same, or in some cases more than you paid (I've done that quite a few times, I spend a lot of time doing research finding the best price, which is typically way lower than std street price, so i can use it a while and resell it for what I paid or a bit more and still be well under the average price for new). For ex, that accupower 4-16x50, with 30 seconds of research, I can buy for $622, average price seems to be $750 ish, so I can buy the scope for $622, use it a while, resell it used @ $622, and I'm still 17% lower than the average price, meaning chances of a sale are pretty good for me since few people have the time or wherewithal to search out the absolute rock bottom price. Even calculating in the rental free, for it to be a a wash I'd have to resell for $422, and chances of having to go that low to find a buyer are almost non existent unless the seller is real desperate. A rental of 3-5% of retail would be more appropriate, although probably not financially viable to base a business on.

  • Strunberg Strunberg on Feb 22, 2018

    There needs to be a build-an-AR service as well.