[SHOT 2018] Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 2 Introduced

    Gear Head Works has continued the innovation on the Tailhook that first hit the market within the past several years. With this Mod 2 addition, the company is adding a proprietary buffer tube that features five positions for adjusting the Mod 2. To adjust the Mod 2, one simply depresses a button on the right side of the brace, allowing the brace to unlock and move position. This adjustable brace feature isn’t available on the earlier Mod 1 which can clamp to any buffer tube with a diameter between 1.17″ and 1.2″. So far the Mod 2 is being offered in a Tan, OD Green, and Black finish, but I’m sure we’ll see a hot Pink one before the year is up, knowing the popularity of these things.

    This button is pressed in and allows the brace to be extended or shortened along the proprietary buffer tube.

    Unlike the Mod 1 which is machined from a solid billet of aluminum, the Mod 2 is created from injection molded polymer. It also is it’s own system that side backwards and forwards, instead of a simple brace attachment.

    The intended application of the pistol brace on a firearm so equipped.

    The Mod can currently be purchased individually for just under $200. The product comes with al the necessary parts to mount it on any firearm that uses an AR stock extension. It is also available on various firearms that come stocked with it.

    I noticed on numerous other firearms on display throughout the show that featured either the Mod 1 or the Mod 2. I wish I had kept better track of every firearm I saw with a Tail Hook mounted, but it certainly out balanced either the Shockwave Blade from KAK and even the SB Tactical pistol braces. So either these Tail Hooks are becoming quite popular or Gear Head Works has an all-star marketing team.


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