[SHOT 2018] One Badass Knife-Gun: The Arsenal RS-1 (And a Briefcase Gun!)

    While this mythical knife-gun – the Arsenal RS-1 – has been to a few SHOT Shows in the past, this year represents the last of these hand-made, unusual pieces, as they are no longer being manufactured. Sure, they are pretty neat and unique but – are they worth $2,500? Thoughts in the comments below.

    Arsenal had this knife gun on display at SHOT Show. The .22 LR revolver is hidden inside the knife grip. Actuating a lever that extends out of the grip fires a round. Because the trigger-lever is forward of the chamber/cylinder, this is technically a bullpup revolver. It is considered an AOW (All Other Weapon) because it is a gun concealed inside another object.

    A cleverly placed needle-like spike insures you don’t accidentally place your finger over the barrel.

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