[SHOT 2018] New Pistols from POF-USA

    Burnt Bronze Renegade+ Pistol

    A shorter Revolution, Renegade

    New from POF-USA are pistol versions of their small-frame .308 Revolution and their DI renegade.  The new Revolution pistols in .308 feature a 12.5″ fluted barrel, buffer tube with brace and an 11.5″ handguard with M-lok.  They are available in a black or NP3 finish.  Weighing 6.9lbs, these new pistols also have sling attachment points fore, mid and aft and have a 3-prong flash hider to mitigate excessive flash from non-SBR optimized loads.  MSRP is $2659.00.   While expensive, I can personally attest to the build quality of current generation POF-USA products.  They are accurate, reliable, easy to clean, and have excellent, durable finishes.

    Revolution .308 Piston Pistol. According to Frank DeSomma of POF-USA, this pistol is capable of good hits out to 800 yards

    The Renegade and Renegade+ pistols are chambered in either .300blk or 5.56.  They feature 10.5″ barrels, a 9″ M-lok rail and a buffer tube with brace.  The following finishes will be available for the pistols:

    • Black
    • Burnt Bronze
    • Tungsten
    • NP3

    The Renegade+ pistols feature a 3 port brake with QD capability for suppressors.  The final shipping  weight and MSRP is TBA, but should be in the $1500-range for the Renegade and $1900 range for the Renegade+.  Hopefully POF-USA has a pistol version of their 7.62×39 Renegade in the works as well.

    Also new for POF USA is an updated model of their value-priced Constable rifle for LE.  The new rifle still has an MSRP of $999, but is updated with a 14.5″ M-lok rail.

    An interesting Polymer Cased ammunition company was also at the POF-USA booth.  True Velocity (previously reported on here) has just in the last year opened a 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Garland, TX.  Expect to see more about them from TFB’s Nathaniel F. in the future.

    Rusty S.

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