[SHOT 2018] Grip Activated lasers and lights from LaserMax

    Fire the “Laser”!…via capacitive touch

    LaserMax has an entirely new line of lasers for subcompact handguns called “Gripsense”.  Attached to the triggerguard, these light/laser combos (or in the case of the LCPII model, just a laser) have capacitive touch technology in the area where the triggerguard intersects with the grip.  Capacitive touch technology is often used on touchscreens, where the capacitors can detect anything with a dielectric that is different than air.  This is how Lasermax’s sensors work to activate the laser even if one is wearing gloves.  I tried out the units myself, and they all switched on fairly easily, no matter how loosely or tightly I gripped the firearm.  As long as my finger made contact with the triggerguard, the unit turned on.  I estimate that this could be a fairly useful upgrade for low/no light shooting purposes

    There’s no button to press, unless you want to have the option of totally disabling the system.  For that purpose, there is a physical toggle switch on the side of the unit.  Currently, the new GripSense light/laser combinations are available for the following handguns with the choice of either red or green laser:

    • Ruger LC9/S/380
    • Ruger LCP and LCPII (Laser only)
    • S&W Shield and Shield 2.0 in 9mm/.40
    • S&W Shield .45
    • Glock Model 42 and 43

    The nitty gritty details:

    The lasers are in line with the bore and not on any horizontal offset as with a Crimson Trace.  The units do not add to the thickness of the firearm, and integrate fairly well with the overall silhouette.  Weight is an average of 1.5oz, and the units require no permanent modification to the firearm.  The laser wavelength is 650nm for the red and 510-535nm for the green.  The lasers are user selectable for a constant beam or pulsating mode.  The light is 100 lumens with a “mint green” tinge to it.  There is an external, tool-less battery door, eliminating the need to remove the unit as with some other lasers.  Zeroing adjustments are done via hex screws on the side of the unit.  Battery life is 4-5 hours of continuous use depending on model.  Should anything go wrong with the unit, they have a 5-year warranty.  MSRP is $179 for the red models and $199 for the green.

    For more information (And an unintentionally hilarious promo video) head to Lasermax. (The video autoplays, so turn your sound off if you need to)

    Rusty S.

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