[SHOT 2018] Zenith .300blk Z43 and Roller Lock Gunsmithing Services

    Zenith has been setting the bar for clone roller locks now for a couple of years. Go to the MP5 Enthusiasts group on Facebook and everyone has high remarks regarding the Zenith guns. Sure if you have more money and want a piece of art then get a Dakota Tactical or pay more for the H&K branding. But you will be hard pressed to find much fault in Zenith’s line of roller locks.

    This year they will be coming out with their Z43 rifle chambered in .300blk. According to JR, they will be here in a couple of weeks. The .300blk Z43s will be introduced as a 16″ barreled rifle first and will come with two recoil springs. One for super sonic ammo and the other for cycling sub sonic ammunition. They will retail for about $3,000 and they are working on a 12.7″ pistol variant soon.

    Since Zenith has expanded and setup manufacturing here in the US, they have become experts in roller locks. They are now confident to offer roller lock gunsmith services even on non Zenith roller lock guns. How about that? Got a Coharie Arms, Special Weapons, Bobcat, or even an old H&K roller lock? Well they will work on it for you.

    The services they offer are pretty straight forward regarding roller locks. Barrel replacement would be great for those who have shot their old H&K91 and the barrel is shot. Or if you want to convert your H&K SP5K to a trilug PDW barrel. Lacking that iconic paddle release on your SP5K? Well Zenith will install it for you.

    The magwell adjustment and trigger tuning are the most intriguing. I am not sure why a magwell would need adjusting? Perhaps to make magazine more reliable in feeding. I know my Omega MP5K does not like my polymer MKE magazine. Perhaps that has something to do with it.  If you are interested in getting your non Zenith worked on, give them a call.

    Nicholas C

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