[SHOT 2018] MagnetoSpeed New Target Hit Indicator And Universal Mono Pod

    You may be familiar with MagnetoSpeed from their bayonet style chronograph that uses magnetic fields to measure bullet velocities. Well last year they came out with a clever upgrade for steel targets. Their T1000 is a small pipe with a clear reflector sticking out the side. The tube houses the accelerometer and a bank of LEDs. You simply velcro it to he back of a steel target and when the target is hit, the T1000 LEDs flash. The LEDs are inside the housing but the clear reflector acts like a periscope and projects the LEDs up and over the edge of the steel target. The T1000 is fully rolled out and have a slight update in the board with regards to microphone positioning and sensitivity. They have also tweaked the programming for the miss detection.

    One issue with the T1000 is its size. It is perfect for long range use as steel targets are typically larger that 8 inches. Due to shooter feedback they are developing a smaller unit dubbed T250 for use in pistol matches. The T250 will have three distinct LED colors to help distinguish hit count and other reasons. The T1000 simply has red or yellow LEDs which correlate with a hit or a miss respectively. You can see how much smaller the T250 is compared to the T1000 in the photo at the top.

    Unfortunately the T250 is still in the early development stage so we wont see it for a while.

    Along with the T250, MagnetoSpeed is continuing with their M-Series grip modules and making a universal monopod for generic grips. MagnetoSpeed made a monopod to work with their M-Series grip. However not everyone is willing to get their grip just to use the monopod. Enter the UPOD.

    Photo credit to @8451Tactical


    This UPOD prototype is designed to work in A2 grips.

    Photo credit to @8451Tactical

    According to my contact at MagnetoSpeed, they are still working on the UPOD so no word on price, availability or what grips it will work with other than the A2 grip.

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