[SHOT 2018] ETS Mag Loaders And Magazine Update

    ETS is best known for their translucent Glock magazines. Last year they came out with their CAM Loader magazine loader. I reviewed the CAM Loader last year. They have addressed one of the issues I had with the CAM Loader. The probem is that it only worked with 9mm and .40S&W double stack magazines. It could work with single stack mags but it does not work with other calibers. Well now they are making new CAM loaders in .45ACP and .380ACP.

    Their Rifle CAM Loader is very versatile. Sure it can load AR15 magazines but it can load AK47 and even MP5 magazines as well. It will even work with .308 magazines like AR-10 and SCAR17.  That is rather impressive. According to ETS it will even work with CZ Scorpion Magazines and UZI magazines.

    I did inquire about their MP5 magazines. They should be coming in late March and will be available in 30, 20, and 10 round capacities.

    The challenging part in developing these magazines is making them reliable. They have tried different bullet weights and hollow point ammo with success. I questioned the reason why they kept the same magazine body design like that of the MP5. If you look at an MP5 mag body it is thin metal with a base plate that is held in with clips. Design wise they could have gone a different route and made them modular. I would have liked to have seen these magazines to be coupled like the MPX mags. No I don’t mean the side by side coupler but coupling them butt to butt. Making one long magazine. They decided to keep the same body design thinking that these will fit existing MP5 mag pouches.

    What’s up next for ETS? They wil focus on large Glock frame magazines. Glock 21 and Glock 20 to be precise. 45acp and 10mm magazines is something that ETS does not yet make but they are working on it. They will be made to match the factory capacity but more importantly will be the extended high capacity magazines. Right now it is too early to know what that capacity will be. They are still testing the design. .45ACP will be the most challenging. Even KRISS USA had some issues with their mag extensions. Pushing 30 rds of 230gr is a lot and a spring that can do that reliably may be difficult to load. There is a vacuum in the large capacity magazine market and that is a reliable high capacity magazine for the KRISS Vector chambered in 10mm. Right now only 15 rd factory mags work perfectly. You can add a KRISS Vector magazine extension but reliability is compromised severely. We shall see what ETS comes up with in the future. I look foward to affordable MP5 magazines.

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