[SHOT 2018] PSA Is Making A 9mm and 5.56 AK

    Since their acquisition DDI, Palmetto State Armory has been cranking out AKs. This year Palmetto State Armory is going to be making AKs chambered in 9mm and 5.56x45mm. They will have firged bolts, trunions and carriers. They had some on display at SHOT Show 2018.

    The PSAK-9 uses a mag adapter attached to the receiver but interestingly they are using an AR-15 style magazine release button. I would have thought they would have used the typical MP5 paddle release which would make it more like an AK-47.

    One issue, just like on the MP5, the mag release button is too far for my index finger to reach. It may be possible to get an extended mag release or you would have to do the “MP5 Reach Around” where you have to use your left hand to reach around the magazine to hit the mag release.

    At the moment PSA only plans to release their 9mm AK as a full fledged rifle. They did mention that pistol versions are coming soon. One good thing to know is that since it is made here, you do not have to worrk about 922R compliance and you can modify it with any AK features you want. Also the internals are regular AK so you can swap out triggers. An ALG AK trigger would be magnificent in this setup. PSA also mentioned that they will be offering their 9mm AK in a Glock magazine pattern as well. The 9mm AK will have an MSRP if $699.

    Along with a 9mm AK, PSA will be bringing out a rifle chambered in 5.56×45. The PSAK 5.56 will be a rifle with a possible pistol version down the line.

    Just like the PSAK-9, it uses a magazine adapter bolted to the receiver.


    Thankfully the magazine release is not out of reach, at least for my hands. Since the mag release is a AR mag release rotated 90 degrees, typical enlarged mag releases will not work. But it should be rather simple to have one made in case your fingers are not long enough.

    Just like the PSAK-9, the PSAK 5.56 will retail at just $699. At the moment both rifles will be threaded 14×1 LH just like a typical AK-47. I am not too excited for that since most 5.56 and 9mm rifles are threaded 1/2×28. Sure one could get a thread adapter or direct thread mount. The other problem is that this will limit you to AK thread pitch muzzle devices.

    The price point is attractive and I am excited for the MP5 mag fed AK.

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