[SHOT 2018] Barrett adds Valkyries to its lineup

    At this point, we all know what Mugatu would say…

    The .224 Valyrie continues to have its Hansel moment at SHOT 2018, as Barrett now offers rifles from both its Rec7 and Fieldcraft lines chambered in the new caliber.  Federal really has been doing a tremendous job on the rollout of this new cartridge.

    Curiously enough, I cannot find exact details (Exact weight, product #, MSRP, etc.) on these guns in Barrett or Barrett Fieldcraft’s 2018 product literature, but here’s what I saw at the booth:

    • The Rec7 in .224 Valkyrie (A natural fit for Barrett, being that original Rec7’s were one of the first AR’s in 6.8SPC) looks to be a DI model with Barrett’s longest handguards, a Magpul PRS stock and a 24″ barrel.
    • The Fieldcraft in .224 Valkyrie appears to be a non-threaded model finished in matte black. This is unique, as most other Fieldcraft models feature a matte stainless finish.

    Moving on to other Rec7 models, Barrett had quite a few on display, including the limited production Rec7 Pistol that was released this past summer.

    Front: Rec7 Flyweight
    Behind: Rec7 DI Pistol

    Also spotted was a prototype Rec7 that was a military contract entry with a pretty neat handguard with attached suppressor cage and OSS Elite suppressor.  I posit that if Barrett somehow integrated this cage into the actual barrel length of the rifle, they could have a no-stamp SBR, akin to Tactical Solutions’ SB-X barrel.  

    Of course, I couldn’t walk away without checking out the M240 LWS in person.  Being able to handle it drove home how much work Barrett put into this gun, as the fit and finish are excellent for an M240-platform MMG. (Check out Miles V’s factory tour article for more details)

    Fort more information, check out Barrett Firearms.



    Rusty S.

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