[SHOT 2018] Century Arms Threaded Barrel Canik Elite

    The Canik TP9 has become a rather popular handgun and part of that is due to Century’s involvement with its evolution for the US market. The old TP9s were not very good and looked at as a cheap gun and you got what you paid for. In steps Century and they get Canik to make some changes. The TP9 went through some significant changes such as the removal of the decocker button at the top of the slide to assist in safely field stripping the gun without having to pull the trigger like on a Glock.

    Their latest iteration of the Canik is this version dubbed Canik TP9 SF Elite. It is a medium sized sort of Canik’s version of a Glock 19 where the regular TP9 is like a Glock 17 in terms of size comparison between the TP9 and Elite.

    This new TP9 Elite has a threaded barrel and should make for an interesting suppressor host especially since it has tall suppressor sights. Just like the TP9SFX, the Elite can have a red dot mounted to the slide by removing the rear sight plate.

    The Elite will come with a flared magwell. It will come with a 15rd magazine as well as spare 15rd mag with a +5 extension. The extensions will be made out of aluminum compared to the +2rd extension on the TP9SFX competition pistol.

    All the accessories you see here as well as spare parts will be finally available separately on their website at the end of February or early march. Unfortunately due to the full size TP9 grip shape, the Elite flared magwell will not be compatible on the TP9SFX. Century plans to offer flat trigger versions by this coming NRA Show.


    Century Arms is also making in a 9mm AK called the Draco NAK9

    The magazine release is on the left hand side of the mag well. So as a right handed shooter you would reach up and grab the magazines when reloading. As you grab the magazine, your thumb should naturally line up with the mag release button.


    The Draco NAK9 will retail for $725. The barrel is threaded 14x1L which is the same thread pitch for my RAS47. I wish they had just used 1/2×28 so you can add any pistol suppressor onto the barrel and shoot suppressed.

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