[SHOT 2018] Vault Pro’s Display Safe-A VERY secure display cabinet!

    (A) Safe to look at:

    Side view of safe

    One never knows what one will find at SHOT!  Whilst strolling the aisles, I came upon a pretty cool gunsafe with see-through ballistic glass on both sidewalls.  Built by Vault-Pro, the Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Safe can be fitted with either Ballistic level 1 or 2 glass that is accordingly either 1 or 2 hour fire resistant as well.  This would make a great display safe in the middle of a larger office or foyer.  There is a version with only one window as well.   The safe features 2 locking doors, one on either side.  This particular version had 2 racks which could support 500lbs each, as well as storage drawers underneath.  The safe is fully customizable though, so one can have it in any configuration.  My main concern with this kind of safe?  I’d have to keep my gun collection looking neat and tidy.

    Slide-out rack

    Although the safe is a lot more secure than the average display cabinet with key lock, One should be aware that even the level 2 glass can be breached with heavier caliber rifle rounds.  I’m sure there are also effective cutting tools for ballistic glass, though not in the common “burglary kit” most cons might have.  It sure would be a good safe to grill one’s daughter’s potential suitors in front of, though.

    storage drawer

    For more information, visit Vault-Pro’s website.  They make a full line up of vault doors, storm shelters, safe rooms and emergency escape hatches.  Sounds right up my alley. Shh-shaaa! 


    Rusty S.

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