[SHOT 2018] Recover Tactical

    Recover Tactical has been working on accessorizing Glocks and S&W Shields. They have made themselves known for their 1911 grips, Beretta 92 grips and Glock Gen 1-2 rail. Well now they are looking at the rest of the gun and applying their ideas.

    They created this two piece charging handle for your stereotypical Glock handgun. It will work on 17, 19 and 26.

    If you look underneath the slide you can see the lower portion of the charging handle wraps around the slide. The upper half also has a slight curve to grab ontop of the slide. Even though the charging handle sits in between the slide and frame, it does not touch the frame.

    They are making charging handles for the Glock 43

    Below you can see the Glock 43 magazine pinky extension. The extension incorporates their pocket clip design. The magazine clip just adds an additional layer of functionality to your EDC. Sure you may have a dedicated rig but you can just get a spare magazine and attach Recover’s pocket clip and use it for when you cant use your dedicated rig setup.

    To add more features to the Glock 43, the are making an accessory rail just like they did for the Gen1 and Gen 2 Glocks. The rail has a patented wrap around design that grabs the top of the frame and keeps the rail from moving too much. They will be making one for the Glock 26 and M&P Shield as well.


    Recover is also looking into modifications for the S&W Shield.

    Their charging handle is designed to match the scallops of the M&P Shield slide.

    The charging handles retail for only $15. Whereas the Glock 43 magazine extension will be at $15. Glock mag clip is $10

    Rails for the Glock 43, Glock 26 and M&P Shield will retail for $25. They are waiting on the molds so those will be available in 2-3 months.


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