[SHOT 2018] Christensen Arms: Hands-On with the Modern Precision Rifle

    Cool promotional video aside, how does the Christensen Arms MPR handle?

    A pair of MPRs

    One of my must-see booths at SHOT in recent years is Christensen Arms.  I have really liked seeing their innovations and implementations as a company, and seeing them progress from the bowels of the Sands convention center with one table, up to the main show floor with a very classy booth. Having seen both video and images of the MPR, I was curious to get a hold of it and see how it handles.  It may not be the lightest weight rifle with a similar feature set, but it felt incredibly well balanced.  Picking up the rifles (with mounted optics, mind you) revealed to me that they would make a very easy platform to shoot from positions other than prone or seated.  The balance is excellent, the furniture is very comfortable, and the carbon fiber wrapped barrel doesn’t make the front end drag down at all.  I also picked up and handled a 16″ .308 version with suppressor that I found very hard to put down and walk away from.  The triggers and bolts on these guns are excellent, reflecting Christensen’s commitment to consistently putting out top of the line product.  MSRP for those of our readers who don’t already know is $2295 and $2395 for short and long action.

    The 16″ .308

    Also Seen:

    I also took the opportunity to handle Christensen’s line of 1911s in both steel and aluminum frames.  I have carried and shot a LOT of 1911s over the years, and upon first glance, the Christensen pistols that I handled seemed very well made.  The titanium frame models in particular are something that one has to get one’s hands on to appreciate what a difference there is from an aluminum frame.  Fit and finish was excellent.  It is my opinion that Christensen puts out one of the best looking Damascus 1911s in the industry.

    Classic with nice mirror finish and threaded barrel

    Titanium/damascus fullsize

    Titanium/damascus compact

    The rest of their line up of rifles was there as well, including their AR-platform guns.

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