[SHOT 2018] Agency Arms Event With Kalashnikov USA & Nighthawk

    I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Agency Arms event out at the Las Vegas Pro Gun Club. There were some other manufacturers there letting invitees to shoot some of their guns along with a selection of Agency Arms’ line of pistols.

    I was curious to check out Agency Glocks and to see if they are worth the hype. They are certainly well made and aesthetically stunning. They even had a modified G19X with an RMR slide cut, milled slide with front serrations, lightning cuts and most importantly their compensator. Since the 19X is a 19 slide on a 17 grip, adding the compensator makes the Agency 19X back to Glock 17 length but compensated. It feels well balanced. Why not just get a 17 with a comp or a 19 with a comp? Well adding a comp to the 17 adds length. With a standard 19, the grip is shorter if you want a 17. The 19X fits a unique niche and Agency makes a very well rounded package.

    How did it shoot? It shot great. Very easy to control and shoot quickly. Is it as good as my dedicated STI Race gun? No, and even though they share similarities like being compensated and have optics, they are built for different purposes. Yes you can run them fast but it is easier to run a true race gun faster and more consistently. At least for me


    Next up I went to the Nighthawk table and tried the Agent 2.

    It is certainly a striking looking handgun and well made but I am not sure I would spend $4500 on it. Comparing this to a Cabot is hard. Both are around the same price and both are 1911s, these are on polar opposites. The Agency feels like a heavily modified off road vehicle. Well built and rugged. Whereas the Cabots feel like a Bentley. Made for different purposes and have their own unique characteristics.

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    Kalashnikov USA had a small selection of their guns available to shoot. They brought out a Kalashnikov AK-47 select fire, their auto loading shotgun (which is a variant of the Saiga 12), as well as a select fire AK9 with a short barrel and a rifle length version as well. Unfortunately while waiting for the AK9, it stopped shooting full auto for the guys from Rated Red and I was right behind them. I was able to shoot the rifle AK9 full auto for one mag before it too stopped shooting full auto after the reload.

    The KS12 was a bit better but it still suffered from being difficult to load on a closed bolt.


    The real exciting moment was the party finale. Independant Studio Services supplied four mini guns to  unleash hell on a winebago.


    The winebago was loaded up with some binary explosive and while they were meant to take their time cutting the winebago up withe the miniguns, one shooter got a little to eager and prematurely blew up the winebago.

    In the video below you can see what could possibly a rocket being fired at the burning winebago carcass. Yes one mini gunner is shooting a little too high and into the mountain behind the berm.


    Here is a video from @AgencyArms from the shooting lanes.


    After the mini guns expended their ammo we were allowed to walk up behind them and take photos. I grabbed my FLIR Thermal sight and shot some video of how hot they were.


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