[SHOT 2018] Winchester Super Suppressed & Hybrid-X Ammo Offerings

    Super Suppressed

    Winchester has a new label of ammunition to catch the wave of silencer popularity. It is called Super Suppressed and it is tailored to make your suppressor experience more fun than ever. It is going to be initially offered in 6 calibers with the potential for more to come.

    All of the calibers being offered are loaded to sub-sonic velocities to keep the noise down, but are still going to provide consistent accuracy. Although obviously engineered and geared for silencer use, this ammo will still run reliably through non-suppressed firearms as well.

    The calibers that will be available for consumers are as follows:

    • .300 Blackout | 200 Grain | 1,060 FPS | SUP300BLK
    • .308 Win | 168 – 180 Grain | 1,060 FPS | SUP308
    • 9mm Luger | 147 Grain | 990 FPS | SUP9
    • .45 Auto | 230 Grain | 835 FPS | SUP45
    • .22 LR | 45 Grain | 1,060 FPS | SUP22LR
    • .22 WMR | 45 Grain | 1,060 FPS | SUP22M

    At the moment, there are no advertised MSRPs for this new line of Super Suppressed ammunition. Hopefully within the coming weeks after SHOT Show that information should become available to all of us.

    A second line of ammo that Winchester will be introducing in 2018 is their Hybrid-X. The Hybrid-X bullet is unique because it has a 85% blend of copper and polymer with a purely polymer tip. It also boasts a jacketed segmented lead core that in Winchester’s words is… “programmed to deliver massive energy transfer through consistent core fragmentation.” The picture below is a perfect visual for what this would look like.

    Super Suppressed

    At the moment, there is only one caliber being offered, but that could easily change and be opened up to many more in the future. A very simple listing for that load-out can be read below.

    • 9mm Luger +P | 124 Grain | 1,225 FPS | X9MMD

    This ammo, like the Super Suppressed, does not have an openly stated MSRP at this time. Some final words from Winchester give a summary of the Hybrid-X line of ammunition:

    The cutting-edge bullet design of Winchester Hybrid-X represents the next generation of personal defense technology. The revolutionary polymer tip sits atop a copper-jacketed fragmenting lead base. The polymer tip delivers initial impact force, allowing the fragmenting core to deliver massive energy transfer. Through innovation and design, Hybrid-X redefines personal protection.

    Super Suppressed

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