[SHOT 2018] ITS Tactical (Imminent Threat Solutions) TourniQuick Pouch

    TourniQuick Pouch

    When it comes to tourniquets and the individuals that utilize them, there are 3 essential problems most people must combat. The NEW TourniQuick Pouch by ITS Tactical (Imminent Threat Solutions) looks to alleviate those problems with their Patent Pending technology.

    TourniQuick PouchITS tactical TourniQuick Pouch

    One problem with most tourniquets is they are hard to mount. Whether it is on your person, a backpack immediately available to you or somewhere in your vehicle, tourniquets in general are difficult to mount. With the TourniQuick Pouch, you have the ability to mount it horizontally, vertically, on MOLLE webbing or on the shoulder straps of a backpack, messenger bag or a multitude of other products with the One Wrap Straps that employ a Velcro-style product that is soft to the touch; not scratchy. The easier it is to mount, the greater the likelihood it will be available when it is needed most.

    A second problem with most tourniquets is they are slow to deploy. The longer it takes to deploy a tourniquet are precious seconds of blood lost which can be life or death. Whether tourniquets are left in the package and need to be ripped open, are haphazardly rubber-banded together or are just generally hard to deploy, it is a bad situation. The TourniQuick Pouch breaks away from this with its Patent Pending technology because by ripping open the pouch you are immediately deploying it. This saves tons of time and can be quickly secured to an arm or opened wider to a larger extremity like one’s leg.

    A third dilemma that must be overcome for tourniquets is protecting them from the elements. A soiled or weathered tourniquet can be more difficult to employ or even become unusable over time. The TourniQuick Pouch is fully enclosed to hedge against that problem right away.

    The dimensions are roughly 6.5″ tall by 2.5″ wide by 2″ deep. It can hold both SOFT-W and CAT style tourniquets. It is made in the USA and at the moment there is not an openly stated MSRP for this product. Hopefully after the organized chaos that is SHOT Show is complete, that information should become available to us.

    TourniQuick Pouch

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