[SHOT 2018] Dasan Aluminum & 2011 Style Glock Lower

    Dasan is a Korean manufacturer and they have been making Glock barrels well now they are making lowers for the Glock. They are starting with the Glock 19 and making their lower out of aluminum.


    There are some interesting designs going on in their lower.  The mag catch is more like a 1911 style mag catch which I thought was odd why they didn’t just go with the factory Glock mag release to make it easier for the end user when building their lower.

    The stippling is a little bland. The traction is mediocre and since it is aluminum they should go with the micro pocket texture seen on the SV Infinity race guns. That grip texture is extremely aggressive.


    I am really liking the support thumb shelf on the side of the gun. It provides a lot of real estate for your thumb more so than the Agency Arms Accelerator Cut. The only way to beat this would be a bonafide race gun gas pedal.

    On top of the aluminum frame they are also making a 2011 style frame. The frame will be steel with a polymer grip and trigger guard.

    Why would you want a 2011 style frame? Well this then makes the Glock modular somewhat like the Sig P320. Since the steel frame is the registered firearm, the polymer grips can be purchased and shipped directly to your home. You can customize them. The potential for alternate grip lengths and angles is now possible all on the same gun.

    Both frames are Gen3 Glock compatible.The aluminum frame will be forged 7075 aluminum and will retail at an introductory price of $249 and then go up to $299. The 2011 style frame will be similarly priced. Dasan is looking to have these available by second quarter.

    I would like to see a Glock 17/22 sized frame because I see these type of grips more useful for competition rather than EDC self defense. I also would like to see flared mag wells and extended mag releases. Hopefully if these frames take off then they will explore more development.

    Nicholas C

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