Fostech Echo AK Trigger Coming Soon

    Fostech recently announced that they’re working on an Echo trigger for the AK platform. In case you forgot, the Fostech Echo trigger for the AR-15 has three modes. Safe, Semi-auto and Echo mode. When Echo Mode is engaged the gun will fire when the trigger is pulled and when it is released. You’re essentially getting a simulated two-round burst firearm that’s ATF approved.

    The Echo trigger for the AR-15

    However, as Alton C pointed out in our review of the Fostech Echo trigger, it required some getting used to in order to be smooth and consistent with the trigger. Fostech is currently taking pre-orders for their Echo AK trigger. There are no pictures available yet and we don’t know much details on the new trigger. Fostech did say it will have the same function as their AR-15 triggers, the safe, semi and Echo modes. They haven’t specified what AK variants their new trigger will work with other than the common stamped receiver versions.

    They’re expecting to release their new Echo AK trigger later this year, deposits are non-refundable and are a whopping $547. Check out for more info.

    This is a deposit for the new ECHO AK Trigger. This trigger will contain the great features of the Echo AR-II but will be for the AK-47 platform of rifles. The current ECHO AK trigger will be for the stamped versions that are most common. The exact models beyond the common stamped AK-47 are still being explored. This is a non refundable deposit. If you are not sure that you are willing to wait or you are worried about new regulations please hold off until they are in stock. Current expectations on delivery will be before the 3rd quarter of 2018. This is the complete deposit on the trigger. The full retail cost of the ECHO AK trigger is $547.00. This deposit will hold your place in line and triggers will be delivered based upon when your deposit is received. The ECHO AK trigger will allow you to select between Safe Mode, Semi Auto Mode, & Echo Mode. The secondary disconnect technology is in the ECHO AK which is what makes it legal according to the ATF. The trigger lock technology is also implemented into the ECHO AK which makes your AK very reliable. The ECHO AK is now moving to full production and by taking deposits it allows FosTecH to ramp up to the appropriate numbers for the launch of the product. *****PLEASE READ CAREFULLY******* THIS IS ONLY A DEPOSIT AND IS NON REFUNDABLE. IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT REGULATION OR THE TIME IT TAKES TO PRODUCE, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE NOW BUT WAIT UNTIL THE PRODUCT IS IN STOCK AND ON THE SHELF. THIS DEPOSIT IS FOR FOSTECH CUSTOMERS THAT WANT TO BE THE FIRST TO RECEIVE THE NEXT BREAK THROUGH IN THE ECHO TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY. PLEASE ALSO CONSIDER YOUR CURRENT STATE LAWS. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF IT IS LEGAL IN YOUR STATE PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION FROM LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. FOSTECH CANNOT KEEP UP ON ALL STATE LAWS AND YOU AS THE CONSUMER HAVE FULL RESPONSIBILITY IN MAKING SURE IT IS LEGAL WHERE YOU LIVE.

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