New Beretta APX Pistol Frames With No Finger Grooves

    Beretta has recently added to their website a number of new accessories and parts for the APX pistol. Among the new products, there is a frame lacking the finger grooves, new sights and sight adjustment tool, competition recoil and striker springs, a light and a holster. Let’s take a look at arguably the most interesting one of the mentioned products – the frame without finger grooves.

    Beretta APX utilizes the new popular layout where the serialized part is the inner chassis and the frame itself is legally not a firearm. This feature allows the end users to have multiple frames (or grips if you will) for the same single firearm. Originally the Beretta APX pistol was introduced with a frame featuring finger grooves. As mentioned above and seen in the images, now they have introduced a new polymer frame which lacks the finger grooves on the grip.

    Some people like the finger grooves, others hate them. If the grooves fit your fingers, they are actually more comfortable, but if they don’t, the finger grooves can become annoying. The absence of finger grooves makes it a more neutral grip which will fit any shooter’s hand regardless of the hand size and whether you wear gloves or not. At any rate, having options is always better.

    These new frames come with two additional backstraps. There are also 4 color options: Black, OD green, FDE and grey. The frames are listed on Beretta USA website at an MSRP of $50.

    Here is a video published by Beretta showing the frame swapping procedure.

    You can learn about other new APX pistol products by visiting Beretta’s website and watching the recently released videos on their YouTube channel.

    Hrachya H

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