YouTuber Makes a Frankengun called “Commie Tommie”

    AK receiver, SKS stock, HK 91 locking piece and firing pin, Zastava M76 bolt carrier and recoil spring, PPSh barrel shroud/muzzle brake, Suomi SMG drum magazines and bolt head … wouldn’t this rifle be Dr. Frankenstein’s creature if he was a gunsmith? The host of the YouTube channel called “V8 Merc” made this firearm which for some of us represents an example of an ingenious gunsmithing talent and for others – a total heresy. Let’s watch the video where the YouTuber tells the story behind this rifle, its design features and shoots the gun.

    Interesting to note that the YouTuber uses a Zastava M76 bolt carrier in an AK (Saiga) receiver. That is a clever solution with the use of the 9x19mm cartridge. The long M76 bolt carrier will have less room to reciprocate in an AK receiver but still should have enough bolt stroke distance to clear the magazine and allow some time for the magazine spring to present a fresh cartridge. Another advantage of the longer bolt carrier is the higher mass which is required for a blowback operated firearm. Obviously, the mass of Zastava M76 bolt carrier alone shouldn’t be enough and here we see another interesting solution in form of a tube filled with lead instead of the M76 piston. The density of lead captured in the tube makes it a heavy enough bolt assembly in a relatively compact package.

    To me, the only thing this firearm lacks is the full auto mode. I understand that it will be legally impossible or troublesome, but the Commie Tommie just begs for a fun switch.

    Hrachya H

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