The “G Series” – POF USA Introduces the Gentlemen’s Slides for Glocks

    Gentlemen's Slides

    We all know that Glocks are the glorified tinkerer-toy of the handgun world. With decades of reliability, law enforcement backing and an abundance of aftermarket parts, many manufacturers want to get in on the game.

    Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc (POF USA) has tooled up to produce customized slides as well. This may surprise a lot of folks since they are a heavily based AR-15 company, but they do have the appropriate tooling and resources to pull it off.

    Keeping that in mind (queue the rap music)… POF USA has unveiled the “G Series” of Glock slides which stands for Gentlemen’s Slides (err, stop the rap… switch it over to some Sinatra).

    POF USA had this to say about their unexpected new products:

    There’s no doubt Glock pistols are one of the most durable handguns around, but aesthetically they leave much to be desired. A gentleman of times gone by appreciates a reliable tool. He also favors a touch of class and uniqueness to his tools. The G-Series slides turn your Glock into a pistol suitable for any gentleman with a flare of patriotism and independence.

    Gentlemen's SlidesThese Gentlemen’s Slides are now available on POF USA’s website and are currently shipping. They are available in Glock 17 (Gen3 & Gen4), Glock 19 (Gen3 & Gen4) and soon to come will be G34 and G35 slides (Generation not stated at this time; likely Gen3 & Gen4).

    There are not much of specs on these slides at this time. A very short description and rundown can be found on their website such as this.

    • Nitride Heat Treat Finish
    • Machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel
    • Trijicon RMR Red Dot Plate w/ Cover & Mounting Hardware

    The MSRP of $499 is in the ballpark of what other niche┬ácustomized Glock slides retail for, but a more extensive specification list would be good to have before passing supremely positive or negative judgment. Understanding the quality of their AR-15s, I believe these Gentlemen’s Slides will be of similarly good quality.

    POF USA’s sell sheet for the “G Series” of Gentlemen’s Slides can be seen below.

    Gentlemen's Slides

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