Pilad PV1-7×25ML Rifle Scope is Among Top 100 Products Made in Russia

    According to Russian ROSTEC state corporation, a scope (Pilad PV1-7×25ML) made by Shvabe Holding has been recognized as one of the top 100 best products made in Russia by winning in an annual award ceremony called “100 Best Goods of Russia”.

    Shvabe is a Rostec subsidiary company. It is like the Kalashnikov Concern of the optical devices world. Shvabe owns a number of optical plants. The actual factory who makes this scope is called VOMZ (Vologda optical and mechanical plant), which is one of the Shvabe plants. Pilad is the brand name of the scopes made by VOMZ.

    Apparently, scopes made by VOMZ has been included into the list of top 100 Russian made products multiple times. Since 2001, 18 scopes made by this company have received such award.

    The Pilad PV1-7×25ML scope was introduced earlier this year. It is a variable magnification, waterproof scope capable of working in wide range of temperatures (from -50°C to +40°C, which is equal to -58°F to +104°F). It is machined out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. The scope has a 30mm tube. It also has an illuminated reticle and comes with one of the following reticle options:

    The Pilad PV1-7×25ML scope won the award in the nomination of “Industrial goods for civilian market” and was given a title of “Innovation of the year”. Probably there is some extraordinary innovation in this scope that I am missing. Otherwise, I don’t understand why they call an ordinary hunting scope the innovation of the year. It is possibly a well-made scope, but what makes it an “Innovation of the year”?

    Hrachya H

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