UPGRADE: Ruger RedHawks get Sleeve & Shroud Barrels to Improve Accuracy

    shroud barrels

    When it comes to revolvers, no company is going to re-invent the wheel (or the wheelgun), but they can always be refined. That is exactly what Ruger has done with two of their Redhawks. In both a 4.2″ and 5.5″ barrel configuration they have added in sleeve and shroud barrels to help improve the accuracy.

    Ruger explains this type of improvement best:

    Redhawk® with Sleeve and Shroud Barrels: The iconic Redhawk® is now available with accuracy enhancing sleeve and shroud barrels. Barrel sleeves are cold hammer forged in-house at Ruger and the sleeve and shroud barrel assembly provides for consistently tight tolerance control. These new Redhawks are offered in 4.2″ and 5.5″ barrel lengths, and feature un-fluted cylinders with eight-round capacity chambered in .357 Magnum.

    So what they have initially offered with this upgraded feature is a moderate length revolver of high capacity making it a possible consideration for carry. We also have before us one with a longer barrel length that could be employed for target shooting or even hunting.

    The nitty-gritty facts, as told by Ruger, can be read below:

    • Cold Hammer-Forged Sleeve & Shroud Barrel provides Outstanding Accuracy
    • Single-Spring Mechanism allows for a Smooth, Light Trigger Pull
    • Triple-Locking Cylinder is locked into the Frame at the Front, Rear & Bottom for more Positive Alignment & dependable Operation Shot after Shot
    • Easy Sighting w/ readily Replaceable, Colored Insert Front Blade Sight & Adjustable Rear Sight w/ White Outline
    • Rugged Stainless Steel construction w/ no Side Plates; is designed specifically to handle Powerful Magnum Loads through extra metal in Top Strap, Sidewalls & Barrel Mounting Areas
    • Patented Transfer Bar Mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of Security against Accidental Discharge

    The 4.2″ barrel Redhawk has an MSRP of $1,079 with a weight of 44 ounces. The 5.5″ barrel Redhawk comes in at the same price of $1,079 while pushing 49 ounces with that extra barrel length.

    Complete specification sheets for both models can be read below.

    shroud barrels

    shroud barrels

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