Franklin Armory Binary Trigger For The B&T APC9

    Coming off the heels of their latest release of binary trigger for H&K guns, Franklin Armory has sneakily announced a new model for the B&T APC9. Set to be released around the 2018 SHOT Show, most of the details, pricing and other information has yet to be made public.

    Honestly, prior to actually using a binary trigger, I was a skeptic, categorizing them as gimmicky with no useful purpose. But, having had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with the BFSIII in my TPM Outfitters MP5SD, I was impressed. Simulating fully automatic fire was a relatively simple task that was easy to control and a lot of fun. Since it seems unlikely that a true NFA registered APC9 will ever be available in the U.S. to civilians, the Franklin Armory trigger may be the closest we get to a select fire B&T firearm.

    Franklin Armory is run by a great group of people who are focused on designing and building quality gear. If you haven’t had the chance yet, read through TFB’s review of the BFSIII for MP5-style guns. We will certainly be visiting the Franklin booth at SHOT and will report back with any additional information and pictures of  their newest triggers.

    Franklin Armory Binary Trigger


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