POTD: Lage Mfg MAX-11/15

    Lage Manufacturing makes upgrades for M11 machine guns. those who have M11 will know how fast the factory rate of fire is. Well Lage makes uppers that help slow down that rate of fire if you so desire. Their upgrades modernizes the budget machine gun and they even have a kit that will allow you to use Suomi mags and drums.

    Well their MAX-11/15 replaces your M11 upper receiver and makes it more like an AR-15 and allows you to shoot 5.56 with AR-15 magazines.

    The MAX-11/15 is a rifle caliber upper for the M-11/9 SMG This upper is in the development stage and a waiting list is being formed. There is no deposit required and no obligation to purchase. We will announce a delivery schedule after receiving an affirmative letter from BATFE Firearms Technology Branch. Please e-mail us at [email protected] to be added to the waiting list.


    The MAX-11/15 has certainly changed since the prototype in the video above.  In the photos below it looks like they are using an AR15 BCG and they have machined the upper receiver with integrated picatinny rails.

    The prototype used a side charging handle attached to the bolt but this new one has a side charger on the left side of the upper receiver.