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About half a year ago we reported about the MAX-11/15 project which represents an AR-15 magazine compatible upper receiver designed by Lage Manufacturing for the MAC-11 lower receiver. The MAC-11 machineguns are relatively affordable and this project will allow many people who own these SMGs convert them into rifles chambered in .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO. Lage Manufacturing has been publishing updates concerning this project and looks like they are close to launch these upper receivers to the market.

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To keep the track of the story, let’s first read the update that the company published about a month ago:

We submitted the original prototype that was provided by MAK91 to BATFE Tech Branch and received an “Approval Letter”. Yes, in theory, we could produce and sell that version right now. The letter specifically stated that if there were any changes in dimensions and/or materials, we would have to re-submit the design. We redesigned the upper and also came up with a “non-drilled” version. These versions have been at BATFE Tech branch for a while now and based on the latest conversation with the agent who it was assigned to, the determination should be finished in a couple of weeks. This is the same agent who made the original determination. He is familiar with the design and all of our past products and letters. The conversation was a positive one.

The Beta testers are continuing to test the Beta Units and at least two of them have well over 12,000 rounds through them. When we get “Approval” of the design, we will have the Beta testers return the Beta Units and Shooting Logs for inspection. After that, we will start production. All tooling is already manufactured, so production will start fairly quickly.

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And the most recent status update of the MAX-11/15 project is as follows:

We have received our determination letter from the BATFE and they have approved both versions of the MAX-11/15! We will start production right away and hope to have the first 20 ready in a few months. After the first run we will increase the quantity of each run with the goal of doing a minimum of 50 per 4-6 weeks. Since both versions were approved you will be contacted a month or two prior to the run that you are going to be in and we will ask you which version you would like (AR Recoil System or Internal Recoil Mechanism). There will be no price difference between the two options. The price for the MAX-11/15 will be finalized when the first production run is completed but it is estimated to be $2,995. We estimate to reach the end of the current list in approximately 18 months. We will continue to post updates of the status on our website.

We will keep looking for updates on their website to keep our readers informed. Stay tuned!

About MAX-11/15 Upper Receiver

Lage Manufacturing MAX-11/15 upper receiver is made of 7075 aluminum and features a black Type III anodized finish. It has a non-reciprocating side charging handle located on the left side. The magazine release button is ambidextrous. This receiver is compatible with Adams Arms piston kits and also features a rear rubber gas seal preventing the gasses to make their way back to the action when using a suppressor. As seen in the images, the receiver will be shipped with Magpul MOE stocks.

Depending on the ammunition type and gas system settings, the rate of fire may vary from 650 to 700 RPM. The barrel mounting system is identical to that of AR-15 rifles. The MAX-11/15 upper receiver comes with a 10.5″ barrel with a standard 1/2-28 muzzle thread pitch. The overall weight of this upper is 4 lbs 8 oz. More detailed description of the MAX-11/15 upper receiver features can be found on the Lage Manufacturing’s website.

Once the production of the MAX-11/15 begins, the company will also start working on designing a similar upper receiver chambered in .308 Winchester. I assume theoretically it is even possible (and should be legal) to make a belt-fed version of such upper receiver chambered in .50 BMG!

Images from www.max-11.com

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