Ruger’s New Super Redhawk in 10mm

    Ruger Super Redhawk 10mm

    The Cult of 10 should be quite happy with the latest announcement from Sturm, Ruger & Co: the Super Redhawk can now be had in 10mm.

    The new Super Redhawk is a double action, six shot wheel gun that, to my eye anyway, looks pretty darn sharp. Ruger fitted the gun with a 6.5″ barrel and gave it a stain stainless finish. On top is a ramp front sight with a red insert and an adjustable rear sight.

    Ruger Super Redhawk 10mm

    Anticipating that some shooters might use this as a hunting gun, the top strap, sidewalls and barrel mounting areas are reinforced to handle the extra power from handloads developed for larger game. Additionally, there are integral mounts machined directly onto the barrel rib. Combined with the included scope rings, Ruger says it has eliminated one source for lost accuracy in the field.

    To help handle the powerful 10mm loads, the rubber grip has an internal cushion positioned under the web of the hand. The grips do have the wood inserts that are common to some other Ruger revolvers. Of course, you can always swap out the stocks for an aftermarket set.

    Ruger Super Redhawk 10mm

    Included with this revolver are three full moon clips. The model number is 5524, and the company set the suggested retail price at $1,159.

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