SB Tactical Brace Storage Accessories

    SB Tactical just released some new accessories that will add more function to your brace. They offer a soft pouch and a mag holder that allows you to store items within the SB Tactical brace.

    First up is the SB-SAC.

    Developed in conjunction with Grey Ghost Gear LLC, the SB-SAC soft pouch is made of Hypalon, an innovative, synthetic rubber, which is used to make Zodiac inflatable boats. Sized to accept a C-A-T tourniquet and designed to work with most SB Tactical™ Pistol Stabilizing Braces, the SB-SAC is the ideal accessory for braced PDW pistols.


    • Mount inside or outside the brace for transport and storage
    • Stores items like C-A-T or smaller tourniquet,med supplies, cleaning kit, or emergency jerky
    • (2) YKK zippers for rear or bottom access
    • Water, chemical, UV, and corrosion resistant
    • Compatible with 1″ & 1.5″ strap SB Tactical braces (excludes adjustable braces in collapsed position)
    • Available in Black or FDE
    • Proudly made in the USA



    The SB-SAC retails for $44.95 on their website.


    Their second accessory is a rigid mag pouch that allows you to store a 20 rd magazine inside their brace.

    Designed by SB Tactical™ as the ideal transport accessory for AR magazines and braced PDW pistols, the SB-MAG20 is compatible with most SB Tactical AR braces and fits 5.56 aluminum GI, Magpul PMAG, and Lancer L5AWM 20 round magazines.


    • Mounts inside the brace for transport and storage
    • Fits aluminum GI, Magpul PMAG and Lancer L5AWM 20 round magazines
    • Includes 1″ Velcro replacement strap
    • Designed for the SBM4™, SOB™, and SB15™ (SBX™ and SBX-K™ compatible with 1″ replacement strap)
    • Available in Black or FDE
    • Proudly made in USA

    The SB-MAG20 retails for $39.95. While it was designed for 20rd mags, a 30rd mag will fit. The only issue is trying to remove the magazine from the pouch. You will have to twist the magazine to the side in order to clear the pistol grip.

    If you look at the very top photo, you will notice that you can run the SB-SAC on the outside of the brace. If you look even closer you can see that the SB-MAG20 is behind the pouch inside the brace  so it is possible to run both accessories simultaneously.

    One thing to note is that these accessories are merely for storage. While the SB-SAC can be ran on the outside and the brace can be used as normal, the use of these accessories inside the brace does not really alter the function of the brace. When you use the brace as support around your forearm you would need to open the velcro strap to accommodate your arm and once you do, it is simple enough to remove these accessories.

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