Review: Naroh Arms Billet Aluminum Grips & Accessories

    I have been intrigued by billet aluminum AR grips for a while but haven’t gotten around to getting one for myself. I saw them on some slick 3Gun race guns and they do look cool. Especially when anodized to match a race gun. So when the opportunity arose to review Naroh Arms’ billet grips I was very eager to check them out.



    This isn’t a Naroh Arms grip but you get the idea.


    Naroh Manufacturing™, a wholesale OEM supplier specializing in machined components for the firearm industry, was started in 2013. Owner Bobby Horan’s team boasts more than 40 years of combined experience in firearms-specific manufacturing and design, and the company supplies components and engineering support to high-volume manufacturers within the industry.

    The retail division of the company, Naroh Arms™, designs and produces firearms and accessories for the commercial market. Visit them at

    Naroh Arms offers two different AR grips. The GRAL-V and GRAL-S.

    The GRAL-S is similar to an A2 style grip, down to the 30 degree grip angle and finger bump. Both grips feature the sunburst engraving on the front strap for added texture.


    I installed the red GRAL-S onto my friend Tom’s JP Rifles GMR-13 PCC. He had some accessories coated by Crossbones Custom Firearms. I thought the red GRAL-S would match the red coated accents on his rifle. The red anodized GRAL-S is a perfect match.


    Both the GRAL-V and GRAL-S grips are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The GRAL-V is more vertical with a 12 degree grip angle. I prefer the GRAL-V as I like to run my guns nose to charging handle so the steeper grip angle is more comfortable for me than the A2 grip angle

    At just 92 grams/3.2 oz the GRAL-V grip only weighs about 1 oz more than a standard polymer grip. Surprisingly it is 0.3 oz lighter than my factory SIG MPX grip. I like the rounded feel of the GRAL grips. There are no hard corners and the grip just feels comfortable to grab. Even though there are some significant holes in the sides of the grip, I dont really notice them when grasping the pistol grip. I actually feel the front and back strap texture more but that could be just how I grab the grip.

    With the skeletonized holes machined into the grip, it is much easier to get an allen wrench into the grip screw and torque it down.

    Here is the FDE GRAL-V on my MPX pistol.

    If you look closely at my MPX above you can see some of Naroh Arms’ other accessories.

    Their Keymod QD mount and handstop only need two Keymod holes to be mounted.


    Naroh Arms’ MLOK accessories only take up one MLOK slot. This is rather beneficial on a short handguard like the Midwest Industries MLOK handguard on this Omega MP5K. One minor complaint is the raised boss for the QD mount. I prefer the low profile of the Keymod however I believe the raised section is due lack of room. The screws on the MLOK QD are closer together and so I think there is not enough room to sink the QD hole.

    Tom and I tested these grips at a local range. We were shooting a local USPSA practice where we setup a simple single stage and work on different techniques. Shooting from around walls, barricades, no shoots etc. We were practicing for a night match coming up in a couple weeks and shot after the sun went down. It got a little chilly that night and I was interested to see how the cold would affect an aluminum grip. Now 40 degree weather is not that cold if you are accustomed to it. Also unlike my friend Erik who shot with us that night, I do not have a problem with blood circulation in my hands. even though the Billet AR Grips did get cold that night, my hand warmed the grip back up. Obviously this might not be the case for everyone. So temperature may be a concern for you. I imagine if you got a black anodized billet grip, that it would heat up very quickly if left out in the hot sun.

    The GRAL-S retails for $121.50 while the GRAL-V is a little cheaper at $104.25. You can save a couple of bucks if you get their uncoated grips. The price seems a little high for an AR grip but if you look at similar billet AR grips the price is about right. The handstops are $36.50 and the QD mounts are only $19.50. Everything is machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum including their accessories. They have other accessories like Harris bipod mounts, Go Pro mounts and barricade stops. Check out their website if you want to know more.

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