FOB IN A BOX: Modular Interlocking Ballistic Barriers from KF Armory at [AUSA 2017]

    Being a defense show rather than a firearms industry show, there are a bunch of interesting products to see at AUSA that one might not get a peek at elsewhere. An example of this kind of product is the Modular Interlocking Ballistic Barriers from KF Armory. These barriers are made of a solid proprietary rubber-like material, can absorb impacts up to .50 cal (for the variant rated for that round), and can be assembled into walls and structures in very little time.

    Modular barriers can be used to quickly set up forward operating bases (FOBs) and other installations that need walls resistant to weapons fire. In contrast to sandbags, modular barriers are much quicker and easier to set up, but unlike other forms of construction, they are not expensive and do not need to be demoed when a base is abandoned. In addition to their use in constructing external walls of forward bases, the barriers can also be used as backstops for ranges, shoot houses, and other training areas where a hard stop is needed.

    KF Armory proudly displayed a list of departments and services that had tested their products.

    At the show, KF Armory had on display one section of .50 caliber rated modular wall which had been subjected to considerable punishment. Many rounds of armor piercing ammunition, including 7.62mm and 12.7x108mm, were fired at the block, with hundreds of rounds being absorbed before a single 12.7mm armor piercing core poked through the back of the block, without fully exiting. At this point, testing was concluded, KF Armory representatives said.

    Nathaniel F

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