NEW for 2018: Hornady Rotary Media Sifter

    Rotary Media Sifter

    One activity that probably all reloaders hate is sifting media out of their cleaned pieces of brass. Should you de-prime first or not? Will it be easier to get all the media out? Did I miss any? Why has no one thought of an easy way to do this mundane task in the reloading process?!

    Well, Hornady enjoys simplifying the reloading process and we thank them for it. A new product that they will be releasing in 2018 is a Hornady Rotary Media Sifter. This handy tool will be able to separate corn cob or steel pin tumbling media from your brass.

    Rotary Media Sifter

    Hornady Rotary Media Sifter

    To use it, you simply lock the sifter drum handle into place to give yourself a stable station to pour all of the contents of your tumbler into the Rotary Media Sifter. The clear poly-carbonate lid allows you to watch yourself work and know when you are done. If not for that simple function, it is still cool to see your media be separated as it happens. Its like a vibratory tumbler with a clear lid or a campfire. Simple entertainment.

    At the time of this product’s announcement, Hornady has not released an MSRP yet. The simplicity of the product should give it a very affordable price point though.

    A more detailed video by Hornady themselves can be seen below if this is something you would like to add in to your reloading setup.

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