Conceal Carry An MP5K Pistol

    InfidelAA posted a video showing a way to conceal carry an H&K SP5K. Can you imagine a mugger coming across this? Not your everyday carry CCW.


    I was amazed at this technique and tried my hand at replicating it. I used an Omega MP5K from Atlantic Firearms.

    If you watch InfidelAA’s video you can see he is using a bungee sling looped around the middle rib of the SB Tactical brace. The sling loops around the optic and that is what carries most of the weight of the MP5K. On the draw, he unhooks the Aimpoint and as he presses out, the sling helps open the brace. So I use an SB Tactical brace and a Trijicon MRO.



    This method of conceal carrying an MP5K is rather cool and simple once you understand how it works. InfidelAA said he will be making a how to video to show his CCW SP5K technique. Follow him on Instagram so you can catch that video when he posts it.

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