The Newest Canik Pistol: the TP9SFL

    Canik TP9SFL

    There’s a new gun in town, and its name is the TP9SFL.

    Recently announced is the new long slide version of the Canik TP9SF. Called the TP9SFL, the new pistol has a 5.2″ match grade barrel and an overall length of 8.27″. Also setting it apart from the standard TP9SF model is that the new handgun has lightening cuts along the length of the slide. Canik states the gun has an “improved single action trigger.”

    As with the TP9SF, theĀ TP9SFL is chambered in 9mm and comes standard with 18-round magazines. Two are included with each gun sold. As a benefit to southpaws, the magazine catch is reversible.

    Black is the color of these guns, and the color of these guns is black (apologies to Monty Python.) Other colors may be available in the future, but no new options have been announced at this time.

    These guns have a variety of standard features that include the following:

    • sights – The included sights are Warren Tactical with a dot front sight. The sights are dovetailed into the slide, so they are replaceable by the shooter if he or she wishes to upgrade at a later time.
    • slide serrations – There are both front and rear slide serrations.
    • safety features – The trigger has a center lever to enhance the gun’s ability to resist discharges when dropped. Also, the gun has a loaded chamber indicator and a striker status indicator.
    • accessories – In addition to the two 18-round magazines, the gun comes with a polymer holster, paddle and belt attachments for the holster and a cleaning brush and rod.

    The gun is backed by a lifetime warranty. It has a suggested retail price of $499.99.

    Richard Johnson

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