Magpul’s New MLOK Extended Cantilever Scout Mount

    Magpul has offered a few different options for mounting a Surefire Scoutlight. Their offset mounts positions the light forward saving handguard space. However there has always been a slight issue with spacing. Due to the Scoutlight design, even if you directly mount the body to the mount, it still sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Here is their current cantilever mount. You will notice it has an integrated picatinny rail as well as two counter sunk squares with holes to directly mount a Scoutlight..


    Below you can see a Surefire Scoutlight mounted directly to the mount and how far it sticks out from the handguard.






    Below is Magpul’s offset mount.


    Here is a clearer photo illustrating the gap between the light and handguard. Offset on the left and cantilever on the right.


    Well here is Magpul’s newest evolution of the Cantilever Scout Mount. From the photo below, it appears Magpul is utilizing the side screw holes in the Surefire Scoutlight body rather than the holes in the bottom. See the large holes cut into the mount? I think that is to countersink the protrusions of the scoutlight body and get the light closer to the handguard as possible.


    Look how much closer the light is to the handguard.

    Another great feature is that this mount also works with Streamlight Protac weapon lights.


    The M-LOK Extended Cantilever Scout Mount provides maximum forward light positioning to minimize shadowing effects and return usable handguard space to the user. The extended cantilever design is low profile and optimized for Magpul MOE SL, Zhukov, and MOE M-LOK Shotgun forends as well as compatible aluminum M-LOK handguards.

    • • Fits SureFire® Scout Light®* and Streamlight® ProTac® Rail Mount Lights
    • • Extra length reduces barrel shadowing and provides more handguard real estate
    • • Directly mounts to M-LOK compatible systems
    • • Cammed T-Nuts • Mount machined from Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum
    • • Recoil/impact mitigation lugs
    • • Backwards MOE® compatibility with optional adapters


    * SureFire DS00 Dual Activation Switch is NOT compatible

    The new Extended Cantilever Scout Mount is available on Magpul’s website and is $34.99.

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