Tactical Walls Furniture And ModWall – Big 3 East

    Tactical Walls has been a regular at Big 3 East and this year they showed off their latest in concealed storage.

    Their wall insert and shelves have been insanely popular and now they are getting into furniture with RFID locks.

    Below is their table lamp and night stand/side table. The night stand and end table are similar in design. The night stand is taller at 31″ compared to the end table at 25″. Both retail at $495.

    For something larger, they have a coffee table. The Coffee table retails for $795.


    Their newest product is called MOD Wall. It is similar to slat walls you see in many local gunstores. However this is made of high density polyethylene. Similar to what plastic 50 gallon drums are made out of.  Right now they only come in black. But if demand increases then they will look into alternate colors.

    Their Operator Package see below, retails for $299.

    It comes with the following.

    (2) Wall Panels that are each 22″ x 48″,
    (2) Hide-A-Magnet attachments,
    (1) Helmet hanger,
    (1) Vest Hanger,
    (1) Large Shelf
    (2) Flashlight holders,
    (2) Large Caliber Pistol hangers
    (2) of your choice: AR10, AR15, or AK hangers


    Tactical Walls has a simpler package called the Patriot. It retails for $225.


    Check out their website for more information.

    Nicholas C

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