New Security Console Insert for Ford Super Duty Trucks

    Tuffy Insert

    Tuffy Security Products recently announced it was offering a new security console insert for the 2011 through 2016 Ford Super Duty trucks with a flow through console. This console insert is similar to the others made by the company but custom designed for the specific needs of a Ford owner.

    When installed, the locking insert allows for normal use of the factory accessory tray, cup holders, arm rest and lid. It allows you to keep a stock look to the truck for both aesthetic and security reasons.

    The insert is made with 16 gauge welded steel with the critical pry points around the lock upgraded to 1/8″ in thickness. The steel is powder coated. According to the company, the lock is a 10 tumbler, double bitted lock with weather seals.

    Tuffy Insert

    Tuffy Security Products includes an external tray to help you keep your non-critical items organized. This tray fits on top of the insert and to the rear of the box in a position where the opening lid will not be impeded.

    When opened, the steel lid is help open by a support that allows you to grab things out of it without having it drop closed on you. If you are storing a handgun in this location, this is a helpful feature if you need to retrieve the gun in a hurry. Of course, there are other options like this rig from Jotto Desk. Whatever you do, don’t leave a gun unsecured in a center console or glove box.

    The suggested retail price of this locking insert is $149.

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