BREAKING: Gunbroker BANS Sale of Slidefire & Bumpfire Stocks


    If you have been wanting to purchase a Slidefire, Bumpfire or similarly related stock because of recent events in the US you may have tried searching online. One of the most popular sites where people buy, sell and research pricing for products related to the firearm’s industry is among others. If you have been finding it difficult to find much, if any at all on Gunbroker, there is a reason why.

    Many users who were attempting to sell their Slidefire stocks received a message worded as such today around roughly 6:00 PM Central Standard Time:

    Dear Gunbroker User,

    The Management of has made the decision to no longer allow listings of Bump/Slide Fire stocks or similar items on the site. All existing listings have been removed without winning bidders. Please do not relist these items.

    Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

    Thank you,

    The Management of

    This is quite the statement Gunbroker is making by doing this. One individual who was selling his/her rifle on Gunbroker and received that exact message stated:

    Well this sucks…my AR Bumpfire rifle was up to $960…then this happened…

    To protect the privacy of the individual that this happened to, he/she will not be named. Their sentiments are very understandable considering no notice was given to Gunbroker users.

    This is not a lone individual that has been affected either. If you jump onto Gunbroker’s own forum and start digging into “Slidefire” discussions people are talking about the newly developing ban on Slidefire’s.


    It will certainly be interesting to see if this is a decision that Gunbroker continues to uphold or if their position changes in this now very tumultuous firearm environment.

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