CMMG Adds the 22 Nosler to Mk4 Rifle Line


    It appears that CMMG has been actively working to expand its product offerings. The latest announcement from the company is that CMMG added the 22 Nosler cartridge to the Mk4 rifle line. Specifically, these four rifles can now be purchased for the cartridge: Mk4 P, Mk4 RCE, Mk4 S and Mk4 V2.

    Mk4 P

    CMMG Mk4 22 Nosler

    A good choice for precision shooting, the Mk4 P has a 22″ barrel made of 416 stainless. It has a 1:8″ twist and is capped with a CMMG SV muzzle brake. A Magpul MOE rifle stock and pistol grip are used. Up front, the company selected one of its own 14″ KeyMod handguards. It comes with a single 10-round magazine. The suggested retail price is $1,199.95.

    Mk4 RCE

    CMMG Mk4 RCE

    More compact than the “P” model above, the Mk4 RCE combines a number of nice features into this package. The barrel length is a bit shorter on this one: 18″. Out back, it has a CTR stock from Magpul and a MOE pistol grip. Up front, the company kept the KeyMod handguard. One of the nice upgrades on this one is the Geissele SSA trigger. Unloaded, the gun weighs 6.7 pounds. The MSRP is $1,399.95.

    Mk4 S

    Mk4 S

    This version of the rifle uses an 18″ medium taper barrel with a 1:8″ twist. It is made of 416 stainless steel, threaded and equipped with an A2-style muzzle device. It has a single stage trigger with an A2-style pistol grip and 6-position buttstock. This version weighs 6.5 pounds unloaded and has a MSRP of $1,099.95.

    Mk4 V2

    CMMG 22 Nosler

    This is the company’s top rifle for long range accuracy in 22 Nosler. The gun uses a 24″ fluted barrel with a 1:8″ twist. Instead of a threaded barrel, this one has a target crown. CMMG matches the gun with a Geissele SSA trigger and Magpul MOE rifle stock. There are no sights on this rifle, but I would imagine everyone would be adding a scope to this gun anyway. The suggested retail price is $1,449.95.

    Richard Johnson

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